Go join the universe

You’re too bright a star for this world

Consumed by all but spirit

The least passionate are full of life

While the beautiful ones die young

But the young also give life

And we will hear the music

Of your happiness through her baby lungs

Squealing and trumpeting a song for aboGogo

On corner Mt. Frere and Zim Ngqawana Avenue

Where life is defined not by richness but by wealth

Not by intelligence but by wisdom

Where we no longer look at self disdainfully

But dance with ancestral spirit magnificently

I see you through the wound on the skin of the drum

Your heart throbs in mine, feet move rhythmically

The melody is your laughter

Raucous laughter that causes spittle from the sky

I will forever be nourished by your presence

Deeply ingrained in memory never to be erased

I envelope you with a blanket of love

Your warmth is felt here as it is above

A part of me died with you

Now I carve us Siamese graves

With passionate intensity and vision

To welcome you, water baby, earth baby

Fire baby, wind baby,

To the land of the true living



7 thoughts on “Onako-Nokhanyo

  1. Our paths intersected for the briefest of moments on a beautiful August day five years ago. We danced and sang on the pavement, bathed in sunlight (awa-awa). I knew her as ‘Twasa’ and my lasting impression of her is as warm, radiating light. I was very lucky to meet her and I’m deeply saddened that our first meeting was also our last.

  2. Thank you Uhuru, for opening yourself to reading our words at the memorial.
    Here are mine:

    I don’t know if you have arrived at you destination, our you are still at the journey…
    Please for me, Portia, I would like you to know, we will see each other, and we will drink a cup of tea sencokole, siphinde siphuze nomqombothi, sibengamageza. Ngiyavuya ukuthi ngazane nompefumulo omhlophe njengowakho, uvalo anginalo, ikona nje, ngiyalila ngoba ngizokukhumbula kakhulu.
    Ngiyacela ungikhonzele kuMpumi. Hamba kahle ndlozi.

  3. Hi Uhuru – thank you for this. Herewith my message.

    I mourn your passing
    One of a kind-ness
    Ubuntu bridge
    Your love light

  4. Nokhanyo, I’ll never forget your smile, your beautiful heart, and your many words of wisdom. I only met you once, yet you managed to leave a lasting impression of what it means to live wisely, lovingly, and with endless generosity.
    Love always, -donna

  5. From Jonathan:
    I know you gave more than you took. You leave us enriched. In this great mystery of life you shone your light for all to see. You lived for what you believed in, without fear and full of care and joy. You were FOR what you wanted … for people and for the world, but you did not waste time or energy being against what you did not like, so you flowed like water, and shone like light, always moving closer to the truth. I will remember you when I see the ocean stretched out in front of me, when I am in the forest, when the light catches a leaf and dances across the water. I am grateful for your life. Camagu

  6. was blessed to have a sister like her, il always remember the advices you gave me as you would say(eziphilisayo). love,kindness,forgiveness and happiness are thing that you thought me and i plane to live ngazo mtase. you were a gift to the earth. i miss you sis, you left us tooooo soon.

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